Tue, 29 Apr 2008

2:23 PM - Changes in CURRENT, mports

We've had a lot of activity the last few days.


MidnightBSD now has a threaded version of Bind 9.4.2 in CURRENT. We'd appreciate feedback on Bind and related applications (nslookup, dig etc)

libpthread and libthr are built early during buildworld now.

pcvt removed!

bsd.cpu.mk now has definitions for core2 cpus (as an alias)

Several usr.sbin utilities were removed for pc98 and alpha architectures.

syslogd, adduser, rmuser, mergemaster, mailwrapper have been updated with new features and fixes.

periodic won't send empty emails anymore.

man pages:
man4.alpha removed





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2:31 PM - Magus + mport

The build cluster is currently running with fixes to test our java ports for the first time.

Chris has added a lot of fixes and functionality to libmport. Developers are now testing it. The frontends are not complete yet

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Tue, 6 May 2008

7:44 PM - Build Cluster

The MidnightBSD build cluster went down over the weekend. We had a power outage. ctriv@ got the cluster back up and running yesterday. We were told that it was using too much juice :)

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Thu, 31 Jul 2008

1:02 PM - CVS mirror

 I've setup an anonymous cvs mirror (pserver) for MidnightBSD.  This is rsync'd every two hours from stargazer.  It won't help with bandwidth as it's still on the same network, but the system is much faster (sata, pentium d 805, ...) 

For instance, to checkout mports:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@ds9.midnightbsd.org:/home/cvs co mports


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Mon, 25 Aug 2008

3:48 PM - The 64 million dollar question

When is 0.2 coming?  Very soon.  I'm doing one last magus run for testing.  Run 98 will be tagged upon completion pending any new issues.  That will conclude mports for this release.

Here is a list of remaining task prior to 0.2 release: 

  • Placing run 98's binaries (magus) on the FTP server
  • Changing the name of the release in the src code (0.2-RELEASE)
  • Making last minute adjustments to src/release and sysinstall to handle the packages we generated.
  • Fixing the csup/cvsup files and src/Makefile to point to the cvs branch
  • Creating a test iso set on x86 to find any last minute problems.
  • Tag the src tree
  • Build the final isos 

tags: release midnightbsd mports


3:53 PM - mports status

mports are in the best condition in months.  Run 96 on magus had only 11 failures and very few untested ports.  Anyone holding off on updating mports, should consider grabbing a copy.

Please report any ports that are misbehaving as we want this to be very good for the release. 

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Sat, 30 Aug 2008

6:33 PM - Oops

Due to my snafu with sysinstall, 0.2-RELEASE has problems installing packages.  I could kick myself for not testing this properly, but it happens when you're drinking and coding.  

Here's the new schedule:


We'll have 0.2.1-RELEASE ready for i386 in the next few days.  I'm not going to rush testing it this time just so we can be "done".  I've already created some patches to fix the above mentioned problem and am building a test snap with packages to verify.  If that goes well, I'll tag 0.2.1 and do the final build. 


This can't be started until 0.2.1 is done for i386.  I'm hoping mid-week, but I start getting busy on Wednesday.


While I haven't made a final decision on this, I decided to start updating one of my sun machines to 0.2.1 so that I can build packages.  It usually takes a week with 3 machines on magus and I've only got one setup at the moment.  If my second machine and ctriv@'s comes into play, the earliest would be Friday.  If so, this would be our first sparc64 release.



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Sun, 31 Aug 2008

4:28 PM - MidnightBSD 0.2.1-RELEASE

 The 32bit version of MidnightBSD is now available on the FTP server.  Mirrors are rsyncing.  This version is 3 ISOs where the first one is the OS and a few packages (X.org), and disc 2 and 3 contain packages.  

The version number is 0.2.1 due to a problem with sysinstall found late in the engineering process.  It was easier to fix it, bump the os version, and tag cvs rather than retag and deal with that mess.  The versions are identical aside from sysinstall and src/etc/firstboot.  No need to update if you have 0.2-RELEASE installed.

Here is the changelog for 0.2.x.  Please note that the dates at the end are before 0.1 and 0.1.1 as we branched at that time.  A few of the changes were present in 0.1.x releases, but not many.


	MidnightBSD 0.2.1-RELEASE

	Oops, fix some bugs with sysinstall's handling of packages found on the release ISOs.  Tweak etc/firstboot while where here.

	MidnightBSD 0.2-RELEASE

	Correct problem with pcc and DESTDIR that affected creating live cds
	and jails. 

        sysinstall would incorrectly truncate DHCP info when configuring
        ipv4 networking.  This was the result of a bad patch several months
        ago.  Fix this error.  Found via testing a snapshot.

	Add firmware(9), WEP, CCMP, TKIP to GENERIC.

	Add glabel to GENERIC.

	Intel ICH8 mobile chipset used on some iMacs included with ata.

	pcc connected to the build on i386. (alternative compiler)

	Begin work for MidnightBSD 0.2-PRERELEASE

	Sendmail 8.14.3

	ssh-vulnkey allows you to look for vulnerable ssh keys that
	were generated on Debian and Ubuntu hosts over the last
	few years.  sshd can block offending keys with a configuration

	The elf note on binaries is now set to MidnightBSD.

	Fixed a number of problems with pcc.  It is not yet connected
	to the build, but usable on i386 hosts.  You may use it 
	by make; make install in /usr/src/usr.bin/pcc.  It will
	install in /usr/local as some of the files conflict with
	GCC versions. __MidnightBSD__ is defined in PCC as well.

	System headers were fixed to allow pcc to compile many binaries
	on MidnightBSD.  bin/cp will work now for instance.

	__MidnightBSD__ is now defined via gcc.  This can be tested
	to determine we're running on MidnightBSD in the preprocessor.

	Import bind 9.4.2 with threading

	libpthread (KSE) and libthr are built earlier
	pcvt(4) removed!

	Alias added for core2 cpus.

	Alpha and PC98 only utilities removed from usr/sbin

	syslogd, adduser, rmuser, mergemaster and mailwrapper have been
	improved.  See the man pages for info.

	periodic scripts will not send emails with empty message bodies.
	See mailwrapper fix.

	Sync cpdup with DragonFly.  Add parallel transaction support and
	-l flag to line-buffer stdout and stderr.

	Import bzip2 1.05
	Import OpenSSH 4.9p1

	The default umask was changed to 022.
	/usr/X11R6 paths were removed from several config files.

	.mkshrc files are now installed for root.

	FIx a problem with gif0 tunnels and neighbors with IPV6.

	Add lndir from X.org.  This aides in the porting of MirPorts.

	New OS versions were added to the mapage code (groff)

	Correct a buffer overflow in ppp.

	Remove /usr/X11R6 from manpath config.

	Atheros driver no longer has several options set
	which corrects building in tinderbox on all three platforms.

	Added a new macro to sx.h which returns true if the current
	thread holds an exclusive lock on a specifix sx.

	Removed OS/2's HPFS file system.   It's not maintained and
	I don't know anyone using OS/2 or ecomstation these days.
	My copy is in the closet collecting dust.

	Synced tinderbox with FreeBSD.  Modified it for MidnightBSD.
	Developers can now use it to check src builds.

	Add mksh to /etc/shells, made some adjustments to options
	for mksh builds per suggestion upstream.

	USB HID table updated with modern hardware list.

	Updated BSD family true (we're not in there yet)

	iso3166 file updated and import of tzdata2007k for 
	new time zones.

	Updated mksh to latest version R33.

	Remplaced the random IP id generation code with a new
	version by Amit Klein.

	Sendfile write only permissions fix.

	Removed some HPFS and PC98 code.

	iso639 file sycned with DragonFly.

	Changed NTP configuration so that ips aren't cached
	so multiple servers are used.

	Fix an issue with fork() in libpthread.

	Add virtualization detection to set the HZ rate
	according to a VM present.  VMWare and Parallels
	should work better like this.

	Change to full x11 install in sysinstall.  Add
	xorg 7 support.

	Fix the handling of PTY's.  CVE-2008-0216

	mport delete code added, USE_MPORT_TOOLS knob aded.

	Happy New Year

	Update sendmail to 8.14.2

	Update system compiler to gcc 3.4.6.

	Updated mksh to R31d.

	Updated mksh to version R31b.

	Fixed stderr output in libpthread.  Previously it was
	written to stdout.

	Added dot.mkshrc file to support the recent change to 
	mksh from OpenBSD's ksh derived from pdksh.  

	Added new firewall configuration.  ipfw is enabled by default
	with a "desktop" configuration.  Consult /etc/rc.firewall
	or ipfw show to see the ruleset used.  You can disable
	ipfw by setting firewall_enable="NO" in /etc/rc.conf This
	change only effects IPv4.  IPv6 does not have a firewall
	enabled by default.

	Removed GNU tar source.  We've been using BSD tar 
	for awhile.

	Finished removing umapfs and autofs from the tree.

	BIND and Tcpdump have been patched for recent vulnerabilities.

	We switched to BSD cpio (pax).

	Imported cpdup from DragonFly as /bin/cpdup

	Update GNU cpio to 2.8. 

	cvs was updated to 1.12.13.  cvsbug was removed.
	cvs now behaves similarly to DragonFly's cvs with
	most of their local changes.  

I hope to get another architecture uploaded in a few days, but I want to look at a few outstanding issues listed below.

There are a few issues with packages for this release.

  • gtkjj missing?
  • vim failed  - ctags & cscope?
  • gvfs, goffice failed
  • wine failed?
  • gimp-app failed - missing libgtkhtml
  • emacs and xemacs conflict - can't both be installed.
  • xchat - failed missing gtk spell
  • classpath failed
  • mutt failed missing depends
  • samba failed?

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Wed, 24 Sep 2008

Mon, 26 Jan 2009

6:01 PM - Recent activity

Today, I'm helping to setup a mirror for our ISOs.  The address is http://kitty.midnightbsd.org/ftp/

The i386 ISOs are posted and the amd64 stuff is rsyncing now.

I updated the Apache 2.2 port yesterday to 2.2.11. This week I'm working on a new Live DVD image based on 0.2.1.   

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Fri, 10 Apr 2009

3:07 PM - Magus cluster at EMU

Yesterday, ctriv and I got the build cluster back up at EMU.  It sounds like we won't be able to keep it much longer, but it's certainly a help to us.  

We would like to find some users willing to donate some computing time to do magus runs in the future as we need to replace the cluster.  Users should be familiar with building the system and able to provide hardware running current. The nodes must have internet access with http, ftp, ssh and mysql port access.

The system can use a virtual machine as well physical hardware.  We need i386, amd64 and sparc64 boxes. 

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Sat, 24 Oct 2009

8:50 PM - A commentary on BSD development

I started the day with a little development work on MidnightBSD.  Many people think I'm wasting my time working on an open source project, particularly when it hasn't taken off like they think it must to "beat" ubuntu.  The reason I keep working on this project is two fold.   First, I enjoy the experience.  It's fun to work on a long term project with many different aspects to it.  I can work on anything from an installer to a device driver to a port of an application that I like to use.  Sometimes, I find it quite relaxing.  it's different from the Java based web development that I do at work.  Second, I am convinced that a UNIX desktop environment is the best approach.  Sure some things have to be changed to make it fit that environment.  Some days I just look at Mac OS and see what is possible.  Apple didn't make all the right choices in my mind, but it certainly proves that it's possible.  BSD on the desktop is a good idea.

Many of us in the open source community have been arguing and duplicating effort over the years.  Sometimes there are good reasons for it, but many times it's just a big terrible twos style tantrum.  Many people were angry at me when I started this project.  How dare I fork a server OS for a desktop?  The FreeBSD community at that time did not care about the desktop.  Sure, there were ports for this or that  but it was not even on their radar.  Today, they've been pulled into embedded systems and some desktop exposure due to PC-BSD and DesktopBSD.  There were improvements in their ports infrastructure, list of applications, utilities and updating tools for the OS, and even a little improvement in the attitude their developers have toward the desktop.  Some people within the project have passion about the desktop.  Still, you mostly hear excitement about embedded systems where they can get corporate assistance and funding (freebsd foundation, etc.)  There's nothing wrong with that, but embedded systems is a completely different direction from what I see as a good desktop OS.  Embedded space is huge but traditional systems are very small.  Any electrical engineer will tell you that.  I intentionally chose a subset of the full x86 market because I feel users need special attention to their daily computing habits.  They need a stable, secure, virus free environment with structure and consistency.  The linux community can't  offer this consistency due to the adhoc nature of development between the kernel and various components.  We're also limited by the X.org development and the fuss around various components, but at least the base system is under our control.

I was sent an e-mail this even asking for assistance with another project.  Many other developers from this and other BSD communities received the same e-mail.  I thought about the best way to respond for some time.  I believe in BSD on the desktop, but for the reasons found in that projects forums, I know that this can only be accomplished with greater control.  I did not make a distro of freebsd because I don't feel we could maintain a stable system with enough stability.  It is not possible to keep throwing bandaids on an OS that differ as it targets routers and cell phones for your desktop.  It just doesn't make sense.  FreeBSD is a damn good server OS.   It may turn out to be an ok embedded system, but frankly I think NetBSD has that market.  

Since we appear to be near the last man standing (like highlander?), it appears I can't give up on my dream.  


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Wed, 30 Dec 2009

11:54 AM - Recent work


amdtemp(4) was added to current.  This allows you to monitor the temperature on AMD CPUs such as the Phenom and Phenom II.

openssl and other security fixes.  See UPDATING for more info


Several different categories of ports have been updated.  We're still working on the Gnome 2.26 update.  gstreamer and pidgin are particularly behind and need work.  

 MySQL 6.0 ports were dropped due to EOL upstream.  MySQL even deleted the manuals online for this release.  We made 5.1 default.  Python 2.6 is now the default version of Python.

There have been some reports of cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd not building.  Please send logs and details of your environment.  Both of the cyrus-sasl2 ports were updated for a security issue from some time back.  

lightttpd was updated for a security issue.

p5-Error was just updated.


tags: pidgin gnome midnightbsd mysql perl lighttpd gstreamer sasl cyrus


Sat, 10 Sep 2011

10:54 AM - mport gains new command

The mport command now supports a new "download" command.  This allows a user to download a package independant of installation.  It's saved to the normal package storage path inside of /var. 

This is useful when you know you're going to lose network connectivity and want to fetch several packages for installation later.  

tags: midnightbsd mport