Mon, 26 Jan 2009

6:01 PM - Recent activity

Today, I'm helping to setup a mirror for our ISOs.  The address is

The i386 ISOs are posted and the amd64 stuff is rsyncing now.

I updated the Apache 2.2 port yesterday to 2.2.11. This week I'm working on a new Live DVD image based on 0.2.1.   

tags: apache midnightbsd livecd mirror iso


Sun, 1 Nov 2009

Fri, 5 Feb 2010

7:58 PM - Apache 2.2 port

I've made several changes to the Apache 2.2 port.  mod_proxy_connect should now work properly and scgi has been added to the list.  I've also added support for BDB 4.x 

tags: apache httpd


Thu, 1 Sep 2011

1:02 PM - Apache 2.2.20

MidnightBSD mports now includes the latest Apache release.  This fixes a DOS attack using range headers.  Users are encouraged to upgrade. 

tags: httpd mports apache