Wed, 29 Jul 2009

11:40 AM - BIND security update

For the few people using MidnightBSD as a server platform instead of a desktop, there is a security update available for named(8).  A denial of service attack is possible against BIND using dynamic update packets.  It causes named to exit. 

tags: bind named security


Sat, 18 Sep 2010

2:23 PM - mports/dns updates

I've updated every port in dns today.  I've also added several new ports.

bind97  - version 9.7 of the popular dns server

autotrust - download new dnssec root zones automatically

ldns & unbound: a library containing RFC compliant dns resolver code and a bsd licensed resolver

Users of c-ares or ddclient probably want to update their ports now. 

tags: bind unbound autotrust dns ldns cares mports named ddlclient


Thu, 17 Nov 2011

8:27 PM - BIND security

 If you're running BIND on MidnightBSD 0.3 or lower, I strongly recommend switching to the mports version. There are a few security issues with the base system bind.

I've patched it tonight in 0.4-CURRENT, but it's not fun to backport.  

Also, our resolver has been patched to allow underscores in names.

tags: bind security named