Sun, 18 Dec 2005


laffer1 12:31 AM - Trying this again.

I'm checking out the src to freebsd 6 0 right now.

cvs -d freebsdanoncvs@anoncvs.FreeBSD.org:/home/ncvs co -rRELENG_6_0 src

Hopefully this will work out better than my last attempt which imported current. Thats just dumb.

The real bitch is setting up the cvs repository all over again. How bitchy.

maybe i'll get it right this time.

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laffer1 12:35 AM - CVS stuff for freebsd

here' i'll blog this so i don't lose it.


advanced cvsup stuff

release building

setting up cvs the freebsd way

freebsd's anoncvs stuff.

(note this one is something i need to do)

Sun, 25 Dec 2005


laffer1 10:12 PM - Sierra online kick ass website

Check out these vintage titles on this site:

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Mon, 3 Jul 2006


laffer1 12:04 AM - Charles Babbage is the first programmer?

I read something on slashdot which led me to wikipedia today.  Unrelated, I started reading the article to discover that ada lovelace is no longer considered the first programmer. 


It gets weirder.  I guess the wikipedia spin is that she corrected some errors in the first program.  However, some people don't even want to give her that much credit.


This is a very strage outcome.  The other odd factor is that prior to that publication ada lovelace did know babbage so its entirely possible she did write the programs.  I haven't read the actual documents these people are using, but it does open up questions.

Tue, 26 Aug 2008


laffer1 5:53 PM - Into the Sunshine

Here's a youtube version of "Into the Sunshine" by Julia Nunes 

music: Into the Sunshine

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