Sat, 14 Aug 2010

5:26 PM - libdispatch

MidnightBSD 0.3-CURRENT now includes Apple's libdispatch.  With libdispatch, you can create  multithreaded applications with ease.  

The current port does not include blocks support.  We plan to add llvm to the base system in the future.  At that time, we'll setup libdispatch to work with blocks.

tags: apple libdispatch mac os gcd blocks x


Mon, 23 Aug 2010

7:33 AM - mDNSResponder

Over the weekend, I connected mDNSResponder in src to the build.  mDNSResponder is apple's implementation of multicast DNS

Currently, the mdnsd and dnsextd daemons as well as the command line tool dns-sd are available.  I've also included the libdns_sd library.

FIles are located in src/contrib/mDNSResponder and src/apache/


tags: dns mdnsresponder mdns apple multicast