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Wed, 30 Dec 2009

11:54 AM - Recent work


amdtemp(4) was added to current.  This allows you to monitor the temperature on AMD CPUs such as the Phenom and Phenom II.

openssl and other security fixes.  See UPDATING for more info


Several different categories of ports have been updated.  We're still working on the Gnome 2.26 update.  gstreamer and pidgin are particularly behind and need work.  

 MySQL 6.0 ports were dropped due to EOL upstream.  MySQL even deleted the manuals online for this release.  We made 5.1 default.  Python 2.6 is now the default version of Python.

There have been some reports of cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd not building.  Please send logs and details of your environment.  Both of the cyrus-sasl2 ports were updated for a security issue from some time back.  

lightttpd was updated for a security issue.

p5-Error was just updated.


tags: midnightbsd perl mysql pidgin cyrus gnome gstreamer sasl lighttpd