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Sat, 25 Apr 2009

4:07 PM - Call for testers

Today, I added a first pass at ale(4), the ethernet driver for eee pc and asus motherboards.  Anyone with this type of hardware, please test on CURRENT (as of today) module.  It's not included in the GENERIC kernel, you'll have to manually build the kernel module.  This is also dependent on another change so your kernel will have to be built with today's sources first.

Unlike the freebsd implementation, we don't support wake on lan.   


11:28 PM - New Samba 3.3 port

mports/net/samba33 is a new Samba 3.3 port.  It is under the GPLv3.  The previous port will stay for some time. (samba3)  We have no plans to port 3.2.

mports/net/smbldap-tools will aid users wishing to use ldap with the new samba 3.3.

We also updated cups to correct a security vulnerability today. 

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