Sun, 27 Jul 2008

5:13 AM - (no subject)

I just read a strange slashdot article about Comcast responding to blog entries.  Apparently, Comcast is hoping that this will help their image with customers. 

We've had better experiences with Comcast than some, but I long for the days of Charter Internet access.  One upside is that Comcast offers business packages in residential areas (within reason).  I suspect that's why I've had better luck with them.

I've noticed shaping with Bit Torrent traffic like others and with video streaming.  The latter pisses me off as I've got a Netflix account that I like to use for streaming.  I'd like the terms clearly identified and a way to cap yourself and or do QoS yourself.  Actually, I've wanted a good QoS system for home for years.  My switch priorities traffic from certain systems, but I'm unable to do protocol prioritizing.  Since we have a comcast router, I can't do much on that front.  My old charter setup used a freebsd box as a router and then used ipfw pipes to dedicate bandwidth for VOIP and other traffic.  It wasn't perfect, but not to bad. 


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