Sat, 23 Jun 2007

7:43 PM - Wii time

While it wasn't necessarily the best fiscal move, I lucked into a Wii at Best Buy today.  They got 4 in at 3PM.  We were there at 3:15 and there were only 3 left.  By the time we left, they had 2 left and an old guy was going to buy one.  I've already downloaded the Internet channel and two original NES games.  Punch-Out and Nintendo Ice Hockey are great classic games.  Caryn can't stop playing Wii Sports.  We also got Excite Truck for it.  One problem is the lack of a second remote.  Its going to be awhile before we can buy accessories.  Still, I'm really excited about it. 

Another problem seems to be with the Wii wireless.  It works with WEP and WPA TKIP and WPA2 AES, but it does not work with a hash key.. only password based systems.  My PC's wireless will not work with a password, only the hash value.  My Macs can do either.  I'm not sure how to fix this yet as the Wii does not include a standard ethernet port.  I know you can buy them, but I'm not sure what my final answer will be. 

The Wii channels time out sometimes.  I think that is due to my hack job.  Right now, I'm using Caryn's iBook as a NAT box sharing the wired connection over the wireless unencrypted.  It is not secure, but it did get us up.  The distance could be causing signal issues too. 

Bowling is OK on the Wii.  Tennis and Boxing are amazing.  Boxing is the best workout I've had in months.  I can't believe how many calories one can burn playing a video game. 

It also supports game cube games with ports on the top for memory and controllers.  It has an SD slot on the front for digital camera pictures to be added to the picture channel. 

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