Wed, 29 Jul 2009

11:52 AM - (no subject)

Is this the end of web search competition?  Microsoft and Yahoo have inked a deal to use Microsoft's Bing search engine on  That means Microsoft has won.  This is the foothold Balmer has wanted in search and marks the end of his massive attention to search.  That means, Microsoft can focus on other attacks against Google or other sectors again. 

The deal is terrible for yahoo.  The CEO must not understand why the previous people in her position did not want a deal with Microsoft.  Search was the only thing yahoo really had.  Portals come and go.  They won't have a product for ten years.  There's no way they can recover and eventualy Microsoft will steal the portal users to their own websites.  It's a very bad move for Yahoo.  I feel bad for the engineers at Yahoo that will be fired.


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