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Mon, 11 Dec 2006

1:34 AM -

I got bored last night and created a new index page for The idea is that its a picture frame. Its not too bad I guess.

I had to do some updates for that elementary school site that I designed a few months back. It was rather tedious as I had to use exported word html. Can't microsoft clean that up?

I read on slashdot that microsoft is dropping VBA in Office 2007 or 2008 for mac (they usually release a year behind). Its no shock as they plan to go to .NET in windows for VBA stuff.

I played WoW today for a bit. That was fun although I hate what they did with the rouge talent tree. It sucks.

I uploaded the FalckonET build for the Mac tonight. That didn't take too long to do. Kami could fix one of the problems for me without breaking other platforms. I wish he would to save time next time.

I patched a few insecure ports but realized that ruby is screwed up right now. (well insecure) I'll have to play with that later. I wish i could figure out the x exteinsons problem. Either OpenGL works with the nvidia driver OR gtk and a slew of other stuff works. Its got screwed up header files most likely a result of using 6.8.1 for some of the extension stuff. Its possible I missed something. I need to verify the problem exists on FreeBSD as well. Its a time consuming hassle to check though.


6:28 PM - A turn for the weird at work

I don't have to worry about windows imaging and am back to Mac OS X server for the time.  I bitched about lack of ram and had it ordered for me within 2 hours!  The G4 will have 2GB of ram now.  The domain name issue was resolved as well.  I'm just shocked.