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Tue, 28 Nov 2006

2:31 PM - There's something wrong with the world today

... i know one thing that it is... Newt Gingrich.

Let's just take his right to free speech away and see what he thinks of it then.

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4:17 PM - Damn ring tones

Jewel's selling ring tones on her website. Well so far I just get continuous errors when trying to download the tones. It seems that they have an idiot programmer who can't catch exceptions in .NET and provide meaningful error messages. My phone is supposedly supported and their customer service is terrible. After a week of pointing out its their issue, I got a response to try again and that it was forwarded to their technical department.. (WTF IS A TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT) Remember, I'm a programmer so its not like I don't know what part of the issue is here.

Today I got the bright idea to pass the phone a url to a midi file. It plays it fine but the browser won't allow me to save the file and hence no ring tone. If i could figure out how to transfer to the damn phone over the USB interface....

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9:19 PM - WOW

Got an update on my ring tone issue. Get this.. its backordered! How is a digital download backordered? I don't know. Atlantic Records found a way.

Also my attempts at a midi to my phone failed since it won't let me download it. I did get the sprint software to detect my phone in windows but only for surfing off it. Not very helpful.

Apple released the worst security update i've ever seen today. It puts them up with Microsoft. I'm glad to see they are patching OS X but its quite bad. I wonder how long they sat on it to roll out so many at once.


11:32 PM - msdos fs

Well i just did a patch on the msdos fs.  The third party patch i was looking at was flat wrong.  I think i've got something now, but it needs testing.  I have a bad feeling about it.