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Wed, 22 Nov 2006

11:39 AM - Firefox vulnerability

Firefox has a security issue related to its auto password save feature.  Its easily possible to trick firefox to apply a password at another domain using a hidden field allowing an attacker to steal the password.


11:40 AM - Work

I decided to do some work from home today.  I've managed to setup apple remote desktop to work using a ssh tunnel!  Simply map port 5900 to a local port and setup the tunnel.  Then go into ARD, add the computer, hit edit and change the ip to localhost and make sure you add :5910 or whatever you mapped it to locally. 

I also got mysql running on that box which should help a great deal.  I can start working on my webapp further. 


7:23 PM - (no subject)

Best selling video games for the sega genesis.  The site allows you to search other consoles as well.