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Thu, 16 Nov 2006

8:49 AM - Amazon unbox

I'm trying out the Amazon unbox service.  The first episode is free so why not?  It downloaded very quickly and I'm just waiting for my PC to get more idle before playing the content.  I had an unexpected security patch to apply to MidnightBSD.

unbox is no iTunes as its tied to Windows only.  It still might be a nice service.  Worst case I got a free episode of enterprise.  You're probably wondering why I picked enterprise.  Well its very low on my DVD purchase list and it was a free episode.  Still, if it ended up on iTunes I probably would buy a lot of star trek on there. 


8:52 AM - Apple releases yet another X11 update

Apple patched a patch.  Version 1.1.3 of the X11 2006 update was released on software update today.  It seems they had font issues.  I hate to be negative, but patching a patch is a Microsoft thing to do.  What ever happened to quality control?  Perhaps Apple is trying to hard to compete with Microsoft?  Maybe its the stress of 10.5 coming out.  Still, this isn't the first time they've had to do this during 2006. 


8:54 AM - (no subject)

Just Journal has several more active users now.  Most of the new users appear to be using the private journal feature though.  I won't build a community, but its nice to see users none the less. 

I'm hoping to do a code audit soon and make sure there aren't any holes in the private journal feature.  Until recently it wasn't used by many and it couldn't hurt to do some auditing.