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Thu, 9 Nov 2006

12:35 AM - FC paper done

I got my psych paper on facilitated communication done.  Most of the evidence for it implies its fake.  Its sad that people put autistic children through this when its not real.  Maybe someday someone will figure out a real way to communicate with them without the bias of a facilitator.


3:26 PM - (no subject)

Unversal studios sucks! Every season of knight rider i bought has unplayble episodes from scratches on the discs during shipment or at the factory. Can't they make some damn DVDs without scratching them to hell. I'm so sick of this shit. And they wondered why season 4 didn't sell well..


6:59 PM - Windows Media Player 11

One "feature" I hate about the new windows media player is when you are on the dvd item and hit play it does NOT start the DVD playback OR goto the DVD menu!  Instead, it starts playing the media library! 

To me this is a big bug or at least a serious usability problem!  DVD playback is one of the few things I actually use Windows Media Player for!