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Tue, 10 Oct 2006

9:04 AM - Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a very strange operating system.  When extracting files from zips it not only marks them read only, but "locks" then for security.  This means a lamer has to right click, properties and then screw with two things to disable this protection on each file!  How annoying. 

The nvidia drivers that ship with vista are quite stable but do not offer OpenGL support.  nvidia's drivers are not proudction ready and will not allow me to play my favorite game, enemy territory.  I was able to get Day of Defeat Source to run.  I have not tried WoW yet. 

As far as hardware compatibility, I could not install Vista on my precision 650 dual xeon system, but my new system works great.  Of course I just bought an intel Pentium D 805, 512MB DDR2, Nvidia geforce 7300 PCIe,  (or is it pciE?)  and an intel DP965LT motherboard.  MidnightBSD will not boot on this yet.  

I have not tried Windows XP on this system, so I can't make performance comparisons.   



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