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Thu, 28 Sep 2006

2:47 PM - Matlab sucks

After the various difficulties trying to install it on Caryn's PowerMac, I managed to install it on my iBook. Today, I decided to finish my first matlab assignment. I finished computing everything and needed to print out the command window. Well guess what, print doesn't work. If i hit print from the menu, nothing happens. If i try to use the print command it gives me an error that makes no sense. If i try to specify the printer, I get the same error. If i try to print selected from text selected in the command window, it crashes!

I read online some people have it just work and others go through hell and never get it to work. In my case i have an HP deskjet 3900 and matlab 7.1.x (sp3 r14)

Luckily i was able to extract the text and copy it into bbedit although its not the most legible. Hopefully my prof goes for it. I hope we don't need to generate graphs anytime soon!


2:51 PM - (no subject)

just so caryn doesn't freak out or something, i got my psychology test done and my matlab assignment. That only leaves literature preperation for tomorrow.

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