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Sun, 13 Aug 2006

4:52 PM - Our little trip to flint

Yesterday, Caryn and I went to Flint.  She had to close a bank account with her mom.  We spent about 5 hours with her mom and then visited my mom for awhile.  It was rather nice to leave the apartment.

During our travels, we noticed my old boss started a computer store.  We decided to stop by.  Fred and Ryan were out since it was saturday.  We did get a good deal on a gigabit network card though.  $15 for a via chipset based card.  Its got windows, linux, freebsd and solaris drivers!  It also supports 802.11p/q (tagging and priority queues) .  I dropped it in the windows server here.  Its working very well after I flashed the system bios.  The only remaining non-gigabit devices on the network are our airport express, iBooks,  NeXTstation, and the two sun machines.


7:50 PM - Jewel's mother has a blog

This was posted last month to one of the jewel mailing lists.

List Moderator Note: For those relatively new to Jewel-News and not that
familiar with her management team, the two people mentioned below are
Jewel's mother and former manager (Lenedra) and West Kennerly who has
been Jewel's official photographer for over a decade.

Hi All,
For those of you curious about what Lenedra has been up to, she has
started a new blog at Yahoo 360 and you are welcome to check it out.
Here's the link:

West Kennerly and I also created simple pages there, although mine
no real content yet. However, you can see a vintage photo of me from
1974 (the year Jewel was born) that is the uncropped version of my
avatar at Jewel: Unedited. West's page has a recent photo of him and
Django, the celebrity beagle, who is alive and well, for those of you
who may have wondered whatever happened to him.

Have a look if you feel so inclined and leave us entertaining
messages, Otherwise, lets hope we all survive World War 3. Alan

NP: The summer 2001 footage of you guys baking in the heat outside
12th & Porter before the the EDA concert in Nashville, which I'm
finally getting around to logging five years later...