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Fri, 28 Jul 2006

9:05 AM - Websites as graphs

Someone wrote a java applet to graph tags in HTML code on websites!

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10:34 AM - I bought a NeXTstation!

For those of you who are clueless, view

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12:30 AM - Jewel on Ellis Island?

From web site:

Swiss National Day Celebration at Ellis Island Saturday - Featuring
7/27/2006 The Swiss are having a holiday on Ellis Island this weekend. I
rather wish I'd heard about this earlier. I would like to have attended. I
too, have Swiss roots

New York (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) July 27, 2006 International pop star
Jewel will put her Swiss roots on display with a
performance at the Swiss National Day celebration on Ellis
Saturday, July 29, 2006, from 12:15 to 1:00 honoring Switzerland's 715th
birthday. The event, presented by will also feature the
newly designed exhibition, "Small Number - Big Impact," a lively
presentation of Swiss immigration history to the U.S. that will run at Ellis
Island until October 31, 2006 and is organized by "The Association for a
Swiss Migration Museum." Swiss Minister of Culture, Federal Councilor Pascal
Couchepin, will officially open the exhibition, and will deliver the Swiss
address. Furthermore, Swiss
showcase a wide range of Swiss entertainers, exhibits, and culinary

Proud of her Swiss heritage, Jewel decided, much like Pittsburgh Steelers'
Ben Roethlisberger, to join "Swiss
a program that seeks to inspire Americans to connect with Switzerland, and
she will become a "Swiss Roots" spokesperson. She says: "I was raised aware
of my Swiss roots, singing traditional songs and eating traditional food. I
even have a Swiss passport." As a Swiss-born American, Jewel's father, Atz
Kilcher, with whom she will perform at Swiss National Day, helped
familiarize his daughter with her family's Swiss heritage.

Jewel became aware of Swiss Roots through the makers of "Small Number - Big
and is one of the celebrities featured in the exhibition at Ellis
Others include Marc Forster
(Oscar-winning film maker), Adolf
Rickenbacker (inventor of the
electric guitar), Albert
minister under President Thomas
Jefferson ), Elisabeth
and death researcher), Louis
Chevrolet (racing driver and
car maker), Robert Frank
(photographer), Andreas
Dietsch (early socialist), Othmar
H. Amman (bridge
builder) and General Johann August
Sutter(adventurer). The
exhibition also includes the "Swiss Forum," a lounge in
which visitors have access to Internet stations enabling Swiss-ancestry
genealogical searches. In addition, a comprehensive exhibition catalogue
will be on sale at the Ellis Island Museum's book shop.

*About "Swiss Roots"*
"Swiss Roots" brings the United States and Switzerland closer together
through activities that foster dialogue and understanding, through online
exchanges and live events. The program's centerpiece,, is
a state-of-the-art website that serves as a tool for more than one million
Americans of Swiss descent to discover their ancestral roots, and as a
gateway for those curious about Switzerland to discover and communicate with
the Swiss people. The "Swiss Roots" website was launched officially on March
29 at the Embassy of
D.C., and will be active well into the future.

Featuring various events throughout the United States, "Swiss Roots"
showcases the best in Swiss innovation, culture, history, education, and
business. The project is managed by the Consulate General of Switzerland in
New York and the official Swiss representations in the U.S., in cooperation
with numerous local Swiss associations. "Swiss Roots" is coordinated
by Presence
Switzerland (the Swiss Government's
country branding agency) and supported by Switzerland
official Swiss tourist board) and Pro
Helvetia (the Swiss Arts
Council). The program is additionally sponsored by private sector companies
such as Swiss Helvetia Fund , Swiss International Air
Lines and Swiss

About Jewel
An accomplished and world-renowned singer, songwriter, poet, and painter,
Jewel has continued to explore fresh musical avenues, branching out from her
folk roots to incorporate rock, pop, country, blues, jazz, and classical
influences into her work. Jewel's personal odyssey, partly chronicled on her
landmark 12-times platinum debut, "Pieces of You," comes to full flower on
"Goodbye Alice in Wonderland," her most recent album which was released in
May. Marking her first album in three years and sixth all told the
collection is her most autobiographical work in more than a decade, tracing
her path from the extreme solitude of Alaska to the extreme joys and
pitfalls of fame. "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" follows 2003's "0304," which
debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart, simultaneously becoming both
the highest-debuting and highest-charting album of her career to date, while
also marking her fourth album to hit the top ten on the national charts. To
date, Jewel has sold over 25 million albums worldwide, enjoying career
longevity rare among her generation of artists.

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5:29 PM - 802.11 Wireless Security

I've been reading up on wireless security. I wondered if its possible for our neighbor to crack our wireless network. The short answer is yes.

I've always known wireless is suseptible to attack. I didn't realize how bad it really is. First, WEP security is useless. There are countless brute force programs that can find the key in minutes to a few hours. Mac address filtering is also practically useless. An attacker can determine MAC addresses used very easily. Next, WPA isn't much better. The first version was also crackable using tools. Most keys are very weak. Some new routers supporting WPA2 can allow you to use a key per MAC address. Those are considered the most secure at this point. I am using WPA2 personal on my wireless network. While its the most secure I can do right now, its not full proof. I found tools which I can't run that would allow me to attack. I need to buy a usb wireless device to use the windows or bsd (yes specificially) tools. Most tools currently run on linux though. I may start changing my key and perhaps write a program to generate one more often.

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6:29 PM - Stupid parents, big asshole

Yet again children are hurt by idiot parents. DONT LET YOUR KIDS ONLINE BY THEMSELVES DAMN IT.

This asshole tricked 9-15 year old girls into revealing themselves on a webcam. Not only is he an asshole, but all the parents who put a WEBCAM in the hands of a 9-15 year old girl! Could you be any more retarded parents? I think the lot should go to jail and the children placed with RESPONSIBLE adults. Fucking assholes.

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