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Thu, 27 Jul 2006

11:59 AM - The day so far

I finished watch season 1 of bewitched.  Nothing like free videos :)

Some guy is working on our storage room with new drywall.  He asked me to turn off the air for a bit because its blowing on him in there.  (that doesn't seem right)  So its gradually getting hot in here.  I ran up to meijers to get tigress her favorite treats.  That's how bored I am!  I used auto-checkout to avoid some weird looks... it didn't help much. 

The damn network connection keeps dropping during the night.. i wonder if midnight is sleeping on the router or something.


1:16 PM - conditional statements in IE

Yeah.. IE has its own comments that are similar to ifdef statements to the pre-processor in C. Crazy shit if you ask me.

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2:20 PM - The Hoff wasn't drunk?

I think the media is over-reacting a bit to these stories. On the other hand, I found it interesting he was injured shaving. One could almost think he was trying to axe himself but chickened out or failed. It really depends on the situation of course. Its much more likely he was on some drugs as he says than alcohol. In fact, he's been depressed. What if they put him on an MAOI and then he took pain killers or something? That would make him appear very fucked in the head.

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