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Tue, 25 Jul 2006

3:10 PM - NEXTSTEP may have a competator in the kewlness department

There was UNIX on Mac desktops before NEXTSTEP.  It was called A/UX.  It included system 6 or 7 compatibility and was completely posix compliant and used code from System V release 2+ and BSD 4.2/4.3.  You could run x11, system 6/7 apps side by side.  It had a multi-finder that allowed you to run both at the same time with a unix layer and pre-emptive multi-tasking for UNIX apps.  It looked like Mac OS and had the guts of UNIX.  It only ran on 68k Macs.  The last release was in 1995.  (prior to NeXT coming to apple) 

I think classic with UNIX might have been more kewl than NEXTSTEP.  I'd love to try it. 

A picture.


3:15 PM - Apartment complex stuff

Hmm.. they pro-actively fixed our doors under the sink and i got our cabinent drawer glued back together too.  :)

Someone is working on the storage room too.  I also did cleaning when I found out they were coming in.  I think caryn will be happy when she gets home.

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5:17 PM - More housework

Well I managed to hang up two loads of clothes today and I've done at least 4.  Waiting on the dryer for the last one. 

I have vacuumed most of the apartment as well.  Hell I think I've done most of the cleaning for the week today.  I even cleaned the kitchen table and most of the counters and stovetop in the kitchen.  Two loads of dishes too. (gotta love fragments)

I'm not feeling my most peppy at the moment.