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Tue, 11 Jul 2006

8:04 PM - EMU: Every victory creates another challenge

So far during the admisssions process, I've dealt with a step I thought would get me ready for fall.  Today was no different.  A suprisingly large number of computer science classes transfered from WMU with nothing from KVCC.  She even applied 340 as the first web class since i did html/css/php work.  The CS department has a lot of macs.  The secretary had a powermac and the person i met with had an iMac G4 and an old gx110 just for 1 website.  I handed her the joliet disc and she didn't know later how to eject it in windows since she's a mac user!  SHe does advising for graduate students all year and undergrads in the summer. I have to take a few classes in the CS department yet including 3 electives and 3 other classes (they teach discrete internally)  The other math course i'm signed up for is NOT discrete. lol.  She put something in banner so i could sign up for an elective class since its at night.  Problem is I can't register because of some alt code i don't know!  So i can't register for the cs class.  Worse yet, I find that i have to go through more hoops with financial aid that i didn't plan on.  That might cause some problems.  Its certainly a hassle and i need caryn to print out our tax forms etc.  I have to justify all of our expenses from last year because we "didn't make enough to pay for our expenses". WTF.  Apparently we did since we are not homeless.  Its called selling stock at a loss and having to live on it.  It doesn't fuck you during taxes much and it saves your ass.

I was in a great mode today until i tried to register and noticed the financial aid crap.  I also need to get some printout of my classes to show to get my id.  I actually have some paperwork on that.  goody for me.

Caryn's not home yet. I wasn't expecting this late of night... wtf.  Its 8:12 already.  We had talked about playing wow tonight but hell if i feel like it and i'm sure she won't.  I talked to ila today and i might stop by flint next week if finances warrent it.  It sounds like i have to call the registar about the fact i can't fucking register because of some alt pin i thought i had. 

I'm so pissed now I can't stay on topic.  I have to teach myself fucking SWING before i start doing 400 level shit at EMU since they use all java.  My intro came in as their old classes since they used to use C++ at least.  WTF>