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Wed, 5 Jul 2006

1:57 PM - (no subject)

Typical day for me sadly.  Doing laundry/housework.  Some typical computer related thing.  Etc.  Its really boring.  Tomorrow I have to go to eastern for my advising appointment.  I hate the setback, but I also hate western.  Hopefully they'll be better.  I really need a degree.

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2:26 PM - MSNBC sucks

Still they don't allow someone to watch video with out Inferior browser with windows media.  I don't want to use IE.  I'm on windows damn it... there is no excuse.


4:00 PM - More server migration fun

I moved DNS today.  That means geo and caryn need to fix their entries to be and (both probably have the first one)

I changed the ip addresses with the registar.  48 hours later...

That will put us mostly on our new setup.  I've shut down most services at this point.  I got crontab up today so we're getting somewhere.


5:10 PM - MidnightBSD pages published

I published some info on midnight bsd on the site and the downloads :)

Its the first step in the right direction.


5:38 PM - Copyright Infringement is not theft

Hmm.. look at this definition from a 1985 case:

(copyright infringement) does not easily equate with theft, conversion, or fraud... The infringer invades a statutorily defined province guaranteed to the copyright holder alone. But he does not assume physical control over copyright; nor does he wholly deprive its owner of its use.


7:55 PM - Caryn's not home yet

Geeze its like 8pm and caryn's still not home.  Talk about a late day!  I hope she realizes that dinner is an important meal of the day.  Obviously i could heat myself something but i'm concerned about her. 

At least I got a bunch of house work done these last few hours.  Most of the stereo equipment is ready to hook up.  I've got the new audio rack assembled and the old one pitched.  The cats are looking at me funny. 
I also got a letter from eastern today.  Typical thanks for choosing eastern.. blah blah letter.  I guess its nicer than the WMU letters though.  Its also the first correspondance i've received from them.  Coincidently i figured out how to get the damn mailbox open.  There's a trick to it.

Even my blogging is boring lately.  I really need to get out more.  Maybe I should drive to flint or something soon.  If I had some money, I could explore ann arbor more.