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Mon, 3 Jul 2006

12:04 AM - Charles Babbage is the first programmer?

I read something on slashdot which led me to wikipedia today.  Unrelated, I started reading the article to discover that ada lovelace is no longer considered the first programmer.

It gets weirder.  I guess the wikipedia spin is that she corrected some errors in the first program.  However, some people don't even want to give her that much credit.

This is a very strage outcome.  The other odd factor is that prior to that publication ada lovelace did know babbage so its entirely possible she did write the programs.  I haven't read the actual documents these people are using, but it does open up questions.

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2:49 PM - AYE

It doesn't appear like wmu has anything i need to do beyond the exit counseling for financial aid.  (done)  I'm eligable to take classes for a year at wmu and then i'm officially not a student anymore i guess.  Weird.