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Tue, 27 Jun 2006

10:35 AM - The netgear router

Hmm.. here's the specs on the netgear router.

Samsung S3C4510B
1M Flash 29LV800
Broadcom BCM5325 switch
JTAG header ??
Serial connector ??


11:01 AM - The netgear router: part II

Just out of curiosity i did some research on our older router which is very unstable. I found out the v3 firware will run on it. I installed it and it does seem a bit faster. That means if we drop voip and go all cell phone that we'll have a nat device available in a pinch.

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1:00 PM - (no subject)

Well after lunch I watched a nbc news special on bono (free on iTunes) in africa. Now i'm watching macgyver episodes again.