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Thu, 22 Jun 2006

9:04 AM - EMU Advising

So far the advising number has been busy. I got my web account created and banner is easier.. there is less CRAP and LESS TABS. WMU could learn a lot from eastern. Ironically my userid is damn near identical to my western one and the numbers seem to start with 487 instead of 387 :)

Its trippy.

I'll just wait a bit and try calling back.


9:10 AM - Server hell the conclusion?

I'm just going to use the amd box now. Its a bummer i couldn't use the sun. Maybe someday i can. I'll see how the windows box goes. If i don't use that much well then fuck it right? THing is i only have 512mb ram in the amd whereas the sun had 768. It will be interesting.

Anyone want to make a ram donation? PC2700 512mb or 1gb stick?


10:59 AM - EMU flaw 1: Calling advising

Damn.. this number is real busy. After 4 rings it now hits an automated system.. blah blah press 1 then busy. Nice. So i can't get an advising person on the phone so far.


11:08 AM - EMU Advising appointment made

Thursday, July 6 1:30 PM
Pierce hall room 301... 3rd floor.

yeah this is for me.. i should make a calendar app for jj maybe...