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Wed, 21 Jun 2006

11:23 AM - sparc64 hell

well i'm still having problems compiling key ports. now python won't build which is a dependancy of apache 2.2


5:26 PM - aww fuck it

I can't get apache, python or sendmail to compile properly. I'm just going to have to use the amd box. That means i'm fucked on midnight bsd development unless i do it on the sparc! My windows box doesn't have enough drive space to be very useful without the old file server. this sucks.

I might be able to move some iTunes stuff to my mac if i delete WoW. I've got like a 50gb home directory on the router right now and like less than 10gb open. I've got a 27gb bsd install and i really can't delete it right now. I won't have a single pc left for development and only the sparc.