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Thu, 15 Jun 2006

10:30 AM - (no subject)

Yes. All 3 checks have cleared. Hopefully EMU will get back to me soon.

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12:17 AM - (no subject)

Moving continues. Returned the storage key. Threw out 5 bags of trash and a bookcase in several pieces. While outside i got some sap on my hand. Its driving me nuts. Can't get it off. Damn outside :)

Its been a starbucks morning so far. I'm heating up lunch. I figured i might as well go in later today since there is absolutely NOTHING to do.


12:59 AM - JJ problem

I found a big bug in JJ. Most users couldn't login without an error message. I fucked up the user class last month! It does explain why some people haven't been updating.

I explained the problem a bit in the official post on this. user_style is a table that contains the fields for css documents (either inline or external). I've always allowed null in the fileds, in fact its default on account creation. Oops. The new user class did not check for null and therefore did not load the login page or other related pages using the new appearance code that makes parts of the site look like your journal theme. I probably would have caught this sooner if my or caryn's accounts were default :)


10:17 PM - More on Bill Gates stepping down

I'm still in shock on this one.


11:27 PM - (no subject)

Just finished watching monk. I've been watching season 1 episodes since i watched them awhile back. They never put a-team season 2 up or anything and i don't hvae money to buy shit on iTunes anyway.

Everything is in a box. :(

I wonder if caryn's been using her iPod. I'm just wondering how well its working. Creative is trying to stop the sale of iPods.