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Wed, 7 Jun 2006

12:40 AM - (no subject)

Got to work about 10 minutes ago with a den sandwich.  Lots of assholes on campus for orientation.  Dumb parents, etc.  I sealed up two of the boxes this morning that I packed.  I'll try to get 2 more done tonight.  Probably books.


12:48 AM - Thank you US Senate

Gay marriage ban ammendment struck down!!!!

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5:01 PM - Today

Getting ready to leave work here in a minute. it was kind of a shitty day. Mostly had to fix issues with various herald systems. They installed fonts without telling me that i hadn't reinstalled. (beyond my font directory) That sucked. I also begged some of them to use iChat instead of that damn AIM client. They already polluted my fresh installs. :(

Found out about some direct consolidation issues with student loans and stuff. Not sure what to do with that. I forwarded it on to caryn.

Time to leave work :)

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6:56 PM - (no subject)

Packing is no fun. I've got 8 boxes loaded right now and another is almost full. I may get up to 10 loaded which means we need more small boxes. I'd estimate we need at least 6 more. I haven't started on software yet and there are two book shelves untouched in addition to the half full one in the bedroom. (more actually)

The hard drive came but no tag. i got it by checking online. It looks sweet though. Newer hard drives seem to be manufactured so much better. WD and Seagate are really butting heads now.. seagate bought maxtor so we only have hitatchi, fujitsu, wd and seagate making drives that i can think of. (and samsung but do they count?) I'm hoping for a real technology enhancement after seagate finishes the acquisition.

My back is killing me. Damn books.

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