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Tue, 30 May 2006

8:06 AM - (no subject)

Its too hot!  You know I drink coffee when i watch the radar...

I've made it through almost all the floppies.  The trash can is overflowing.  I'd take a picture, but that requires a floppy and the battery charger for our POS camera.  Its only 6 years old.  (1 megapixel floppy based)  I'm extracting an archive of jewel real audio files right now.  I think i have them anyway, but i'm just double checking.  I used to make redundant backups of things.  My iBook's desktop is full of files.  Most of it is pictures.  Caryn looks so depressed in some of the early pictures.  It sucks.  I found some great shots of midnight though.  Its odd because I think caryn's happier now than I am. 

I got a reply from that guy about hte sparc.  He said "I lost my ebay account and your contact info.  I think I have the tracking number somewhere.  You should get it today or tomorrow even with the holiday weekend. Even if something happens, you're covered by paypal."

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8:58 AM - The Cray1 Supercomputer

Found this on slashdot today.  Thought it was kewl.. even had a built in couch!  Only did 250 mflops!


11:12 AM - ROFL

Look at this e-mail from Scott Long:

When I added PCIe extended config support, I never took into
consderation the userland access point of view. Changing this
definition to 4096 might Just Work, and it might Not Work. Dunno.
In the 18 months since I implemented it, no other person has asked
about userland access. Other than the silly case of people trying
to write device drivers in PERL, I'm not sure how much value it
gives compared to the stability and security risk it imposes.

Do you see whats funny about this? 


11:57 AM - BSA sucks

That's right.. boy scouts can make fun of non christian students in public schools and get away with it.

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4:09 PM - More Indians infected with aids than anywhere else in asia!

India has a BIG problem.  Now how are they getting infected unless a lot of non relationship fucking is happening.  I think its time they own up to their cultural errors here.


4:10 PM - Dell

Had to talk to dell.  That was the suxors.  A sata disk failed in a GX280 dell.  (CSES TECH for caryn's sake)  I hate that damn computer. 

Got an american this time.  Amazing.  He knew what michigan was and everything.