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Mon, 29 May 2006

12:58 AM - Getting fucked over...

I made a few purchases lately. Few have gone right. CDW hasn't shipped my part YET even though they show it in stock. (32 dollars there...) Then, I haven't gotten that sun or the tracking number and the user is no longer registered on ebay. (90 dollars)

For 122 dollars, I can buy half the parts to build a new computer. We're supposed to get rid of the dedicated server and I don't know if i'll have the hardware to run the shit myself. I could use my dell or something but then i won't have a windows box anymore. That will really cramp my gaming style.

I've never been fucked over on ebay before but i know others that have. I think the real problem is i can't justify spenidng any more on hardware to run the websites since my car is starting to fuck up. I may not be able to continue running an et server anymore. Squishing 1gb of ram sucking processes on 512mb isn't going to cut it. Even with the dell server i bought and the other box it will be a tight fit. I could drop solaris on the dell server and (x86 of course) and use that as a webserver.

This sucks.

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10:53 PM - (no subject)

I've been going through old stuff tonight trying to pitch anything i don't need.  I have an entire office trash can full of floppy disks!  I've gone through all of them.  Most that had anything useful were pics from our digital camera from holidays and shit.  I pitched like 20 nt4 boot disks, old copies of pqmagic, dos boot disks, tons of drivers, firmware and bios flashes and some other crazy shit.

I found the first copy of my jewel website known then as --Hot Songs-- Jewel or some shit.  It became eventually.  If i can get enough off the floppy, I'll publish the original site on  Circa Feb 97.  I started working on hot songs before my jewel content and thats why i consider the site starting in 1996, but actually the first serious jewel content was feb 97.  It was a midi site.  I published midis of weird shit like macarana and i think the wallflowers.  I don't have that part of the site unfortunetely. It would have been funny to see.  The graphics work was suprisingly good considering i used LView 95 and MS Paint to do it.

I also found some of my old crazy poetry.  Its some weird shit.

I threw out my scanner since its like 7 years old and requires a parallel port!  It had the last thing i scanned in it which is a graduation photo for my old graduation at kvcc.  (so 2003)  I pitched some zip drives too.  Still working dual scsi/parallel port.  Caryn put up her pda on ebay too.  We really don't want to move the shit this time. 

We figure the movers will be moving mostly media boxes.  I'm really going through my books though wondering if i should keep a few of them...

Also it looks like i might nto get the sun.  the guy's showing not registered and it looks fishy.  I might be out the 90 bucks too which i could have used for ram for the bsd box here.  (that would have been 1 gb) I'm pissed about that.