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Thu, 25 May 2006

2:21 PM - (no subject)

Just applied to EMU (eastern michigan). Need to gather all my transcripts.

The sun shipped yesterday. The guy is sending me tracking later today.

The dell server works ok. :)


3:04 PM - Intel iMac #2

I'm setting up a second intel iMac. This time a 17 inch. :)

Lets see how it compares. If I bought one at some point, it would be this model for price reasons. There's a huge difference with the display. I wish they made one in between like a 18 or 19 inch... This feels small and the other was too damn big.

This one is going in widr's newsroom. Seems a lot slower than the 20 inch. Much brighter display though. Thats fucked up they got a 450 gb hard drive and 1gb ram in this one but the other was factory... how retarded.


6:27 PM - ID10T people

I just got a forward from my Aunt. It was one of those damn age old AOL and Microsoft will pay you for forwarding... fucking emails.

Those have always been fake and always will be fake. Why the hell would microsoft give you 240 dollars for forwarding an email? Lets think for a minute. Thats more than the cost of a Windows XP Home edition license. THey can't afford to do that. This is Microsoft's worst financial year in a long time. The xbox has to carry them! Vista is delayed and office isn't ready.

For shits and giggles I looked at the email source code. Not one damn thing in it contains anything microsoft could use for tracking (like urls to images or something). Its not even a good fake!

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