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Tue, 23 May 2006

2:10 AM - (no subject)

Having trouble sleeping again.  This is a much to common occurance.  Not sure what to do with my time right now.  Caryn's still asleep and i think her alarm goes off in like 2 hours.  Cats are napping except for henry.  I'll have to work later.


6:23 AM - ebay time

I just did my 2 year itch and bought something on ebay.  I just realised i've only bought computer stuff and usually sun stuff on ebay.  Anyway, its a 440mhz ultrasparc w/ 768mb ram  9.1 gb hdd and a scsi controller.  It has ethernet and a video card.  Its a creator ultra 10 which according to sun's kb can run Solaris 7, 8, 9, and 10. 

My plan is to download and install Solaris 10 with the Java Enterprise System.  That will allow me to run sun's webserver and other kewl shit instead of apache httpd + tomcat, php and all this other bullshit. 

The new issue is what to do with my current "router".  I currently host et and i could do that on freebsd, linux or windows.  I may choose not to run et as well depending on how fg goes.  If I ran windows, I'd get access to .NET again in addition to a few other kewl things.  Linux would run et a bit faster than freebsd, but be totally useless otherwise since i have a real fucking sun.  The machine isn't reliable enough to do compiles on for midnightbsd either.  I'll think on it more. 


3:34 PM - Intel iMac

I'm installing a new iMac 20 inch today! Its fast as hell!

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