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Tue, 16 May 2006

6:47 PM - AGGHHH

ok its been a shitty day. Literally. One of my cats had issues all over the sofa and carpeting. Another one decided to join in by squating by the window. Lets just say i beat little garfields ass...

Caryn's coming home from work. Day 2.

I looked at isp stuff and found out commiecast has 8/1 Mbps for 160 with static ips. I may go that route instead of coloing with fred. It would be as much as colo but include home bandwith too. 1 Mbps is a bit slow for lots of et but it would do 8 slot i think. I'll be internal anyway so zero ping. I could use gigE internal and possible multiple boxes. Right now i have a 2400+ semrpon with 512mb ram and sata software raid 1. Aside from a ram upgrade, it could handle the sites without a problem. Hell i could build or buy a second box for linux or solaris and run everything but midnightbsd on that. Midnight bsd is the only hurdle to this plan and no one is using it yet anyway. I might be able to get a mirror anyway.

I had to do 3 loads of laundry and some other shit around the house. I looked at hotjobs for kicks and noticed a few helpdesk jobs that only require an associates degree... they focused on XP experience, but between my Windows System administration and chad's shit i could handle it even on paper i think. THey wanted citrix experience and active directory. Thats an issue, but i know i can handle AD. Just a thought.

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11:26 PM - Falckon ET: The quest for Macdom

I test compiled (not really) the Falckon revision 66 today.  Someone imported Windows code.  Not kewl.  I can fix it myself but they should really import the new version that supports macs. 

Its an error fest.