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Tue, 18 Apr 2006

11:05 PM - And she'll have fun fun fun till her daddy took the t-bird away...

ok why thats in my mind i'll never know. I'm working on the mosix cluster again. Damn thing crashed on me AGAIN. I'm really hating open mosix. Glad its dying. On the up side, I found a neat rc.subr patch for freebsd to give it color linux style process info. :)

I'm running the flac benchmark (flac'ing 12 files at once) on the damn cluster. The both time was considerably faster. Both machines are finishing about the same time so it must be disk bound. Not the best benchmark but probably realistic for determining its usefulness.

Swaroop wants to meet with me tomorrow to finish up the project. I'll be glad when i'm done with this damn thing.

I need to lookup finals for each class soon. I haven't been paying attention. At least I don't have lab at 8am tomorrow!

Someone signed up for jj and cancelled today after posting her first message. I deleted all of the data of course. It just sucked. I want to get more users.