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Wed, 5 Apr 2006

11:58 AM - (no subject)

Yes, its selectively working.. woo hoo. Actually it can't handle formatted (html) posts. You have to make your own hyperlinks there. :)

At work, but not working. Played wow for a little bit. Nothing spectacular.


12:21 AM - Intel Macs do Windows

Its official, Windows XP can now run on Macintosh.

Apple released a new product called bootcamp which will be part of 10.5, leopard.  Its in beta and downloadable now.  You can boot windows xp using supplied drivers and efi support.  :)

Intel mac with latest firmware, Windows XP SP2 retail, bootcamp and you got yourself a dual boot menu on startup with xp and mac os.


5:58 PM - (no subject)

Weird day. Macs run windows. Eminem is getting divorced again. (3 months?)

The press secretary for the department of homeland security is a pedofile. (what a shock after seeing his pic!)

I played WoW at work a bit and then installed freebsd in vpc. :)

Got my pc hooked back up. I actually hooked up the sound right on the first try. Waiting on some clothes in the dryer. I got a weird email from Microsoft asking if I wanted One Care for 20 bucks since I beta tested. lol.

I sent andrew my script to auto update the macs at WIDR. Had an hour long meeting with chad, tim, nandy, and mark. Oh that was loads of fun. Worst meeting ever! Randy and Mark dosed off for a sec while chad went into shoudl we format the documentation this way or that way. lol. Nick put a face on his hand with his pen and then told mark to talk to the hand. Then I said he was ready for later tonight after mark suggested it was his girlfriend. Then it was pointed out that he drew her mouth full so she had no room for him! That pretty much ended the meeting.

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