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Tue, 4 Apr 2006

8:14 AM - Morning

Last night I didn't sleep well. Woke up at 5am and 6am. That sucked real bad. Cats got breakfasst though.

I have to demo my second linux kernel assignment today. It was a /proc entry which spit out all the pids and the files they had open.

I'm using konquerer right now since i'm in kde. My dell is already down and my mac is still backing up my home directory (minus iTunes stuff) from last night. I think I need to clean some shit out. :)

.Mac is worth it just for the backup software and bookmark/contact/calendar syncs.

I'll have to go into work special today and deal with the damn 10.4.6 upgrades. How fun. Users who remember i came last month and the month before. This time i can do remote upgrades on some of them bastards.

I've run portupgrade -Nia to completion this morning on the server and i'm doing it now on the jail. Its always good to have current software. Maybe i'll get to upgrading jj tonight. I've been promising for a few days, but last night I got into WoW and today well I figured out a bug while dreaming. I know its weird but I often think about computer stuff when I'm dreaming. I usually put a problem into my mind before bed so I can sleep. Its much more productive most nights, but occasionally it causes me not to sleep well.

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9:08 PM - JJ upgrade not going as planned.

I upgraded JJ tonight and its acting a bit weird. First its slow. I need to isolate the problem. /Users and the comment page are slow. The new comment viewer is installed but its not doing the link underlining either.

The plot thickens.. comment seemed to upderline.. hmm....

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