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Mon, 3 Apr 2006

1:59 PM - pd, matches, fg, server crap

--Begin ET--
Well the weekend was a bit different.  We played 2 matches this weekend and got our ass kicked.  I made several mistakes, but I don't think any of us played that well.  I need to get some real practice in.  Richard suggested I play on "real servers" to get better.  I'm sure he's got a point.  I played on the fg server as I promised them. 

It looks like he's going to play some other guys next week so I won't be playing the match. 

Then I see another thread about mods on the fg server.  I hate when this comes up every 3 months or so.  If I switch EVERYONE will vote in 3 months to switch back.  I don't feel like the rotation this time.  The obvious solution is to run 2 server instances but the damn box crashes when i do that.  I tried it with a geo instance and it was a huge failure.  If I stopped hosting all non me sites and dropped php completely I MIGHT be able to free up enough ram to try it.  I need 160mb of ram though.  (Apache + php) * 5 sites gone might get about 100mb presuming I also setup mysql to run on 50mb instead of 100mb ram (96).  Of course it will lag more...

--End ET--

Went to bed late last night.  I have a tendency to miss my monday morning class.  I usually stay up to late and forget about my homework which I always put off till sunday. :( 

I watched The Hunt for Red October again.  I love that movie.  I noticed that the russians were interested in freedom.  They listed traveling without papers, taking vacations, and various other things. Its funny how things have changed since that movie and book were made.  Now America is about doing whatever you feel like and making sure you take other's rights and freedoms away.  Half our country wants to let pharmacies decide what medicines we get depending on the guy working, make sure we have tons of babies that we can't pay for when poor people can't even buy gas or food now thanks to Iraq.  Upper Middle class can't afford to blow money like they used to.  They can pay their bills and thats about it.  No wonder our economy is going to shit.  The average pay is going down and inflation is going up.  We train indians and chinese people to take our jobs.  I've met a lot of indians at western and I can safely say that I am smarter than them on computers.  Why?  I don't think everything is set to defaults.  I get the idea of customization.  I don't do whatever everyone else does.  I try new things.  As for the chinese, some of them are brilliant.  We're fucked there. 

New america: I will do whatever I want and push my beliefs on EVERYONE ELSE.  They will LIKE IT.  (Iraq for example, abortion too)  Lets tap everyone's phone calls and email so we know whats going on like soviet russia. 

Old America: Freedom is important and we must protect it even if it bothers us in specific cases.  Pro choice is about protecting the freedom of women and their reproductive choices.  (it needs work for men though)  The morning after pill and birth control should be given out.  Lets not interfere with foreign governments unless we have to.  Lets spy on our neighbors to stay safe but at a distance. 


5:41 PM - Mac OS 10.4.6

Wow, apple's on a role. Patch city with Tiger. Since the beginning of the year there have been at least 3 10.4.x patches where x increments by one each time! I think this is more unstable than 10.2 was. Sure they sneak in intel updates which makes sense during a cpu switch, but there are some bad ass release notes about bugs.

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5:44 PM - Starbucks run

Caryn and I went to good old starbucks and the petfood store. Bought the cats a new bed to go with it. :)

Henry's on my lap now purring like crazy. I had some great ideas for JJ while drinking my chai tea latte.

1. Bookmark sync with Firefox and IE to links. (expanded)
2. what i've listened too recently page...

I'm just full of great ideas.

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10:07 PM - WoW time.

I just got done playing WoW for the night. I leveled. I'm now a level 27 mage. I'm about half way to level 28 too. :)

That was fun. I put off upgrading jj again to play WoW. Seems to happen a lot now.

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