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Fri, 17 Mar 2006

11:26 AM - Ka plah!

ok... well i had a discrete quiz.. i needed an extra row which means i did something weird with the algorithm probably... it seemed right though when i double checked it. Weird.

Randy is in the office chillin' and no nick. I'm installing WoW on the older g5 powermac with radeon 9600 graphics. The bitch is real stable.

Caryn's getting cat food today and probably working her ass off as usual. i probably have a physics quiz or test today.. i should check.

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6:19 PM - Happy Drinking day!

Its green, its irish.. its St. Patrick's day!

If your a mac lover, try /usr/sbin/softwareupdate -i -a
you can install updates via CLI! Cron job anyone :)
(10.3 or higher for automation.. 10.2 works in manual interactive)

Got MacGyver season 5 or something. Going to watch that some this weekend. My jail is in place on the production server. kami, pytox and friends are now in a jail. Less haxXors. :)

This sucks compared to the new one on the website.. i think i need to tweak the client.

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