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Fri, 17 Feb 2006

12:14 AM - Son of a bitch

I hate IE. JJ still isn't working right. I figured out why it didn't render AT ALL. i had to add a comment inside the script tag for the fucking javascript.. now it renders but still incorrectly.


7:32 PM - Today

Hmm.. well i deleted a post the other day. i need to make that harder to do.

Lots of stuff happened. I'll just post some now.

First, i'm currently working on getting linux back up. I managed to boot off my gentoo cd and install grub to /dev/sda2 (my ext3 linux partition with /). Then i reinstalled system commander into my mbr and i can boot linux. haven't tested windows, but it must likely works. Before i installed grub into the mbr and windows blue screened on the chain load. DAMN GNU SOFTWARE.

Second, I had idiots at wmu today. Physics test (unknown to me), Math test was postponed till monday. Fun. My boss needed another OSX lesson today.. so i left 30 minutes late from work. (not overtime i wish.. but hey i got in ~10 hours this week)

Third, i'm rebuilding my linux kernel with module support because i have to write a kernel module by next week. Guess what i'm doing this weekend.

Caryn's mac is still in GR. It seems the video card burned up and won't work. They had to order one to TEST WITH IT. Unkewl. So she'll have to drop back to an nvidia geforce 4 mx 32mb from a radeon 9800 128mb. Both are agp 4x. And she's still out the computer.

I installed the free vmware server beta. Going to play with that. Hoping to get it to run in bsd. I have it in windows and its fast. I need to test ie6 somehow.

I got the worst jj bugs fixed so ie users can see the site although its still not right. i'll fix that later.

If i get this kernel thing done, i'll update JJ this weekend. I also need to install MVN forum for fgnet.

Some guy wanted to buy from me. I haven't responded yet as i'm not sure what to do. I have email and so does caryn. I'd have to change it and its been 8 years almost with the same one.

Caryn is in the other room surfing and coding.