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Fri, 13 Jan 2006

10:26 PM - (no subject)

Caryn and I brought home a pizza after our shopping expidition. Had to get cat food and went for starbucks of course. Caryn bought a .Mac family plan tonight so we can sync user prefs, mail, address book, safari bookmarks and various other stuff on multiple macs. She wanted it for her laptop and i use it for backup. They have a very nice backup program built in to the software. I'm using it now to backup my 20 some gb home directory to our file server.

I also got my copy of iWork 06 today. Having trouble installing on caryn's desktop but i got it working on my laptop and she got it on hers fine. iLife 06 should could on monday or tuesday. I also got the unix programming environment (book) tonight. Its got a very nice shell scripting chapter. That was worth the money. Not bad for a book written in 1984.

I had to update the bsd server tonight (et, this site, etc). There were several holes anonunced this week in freebsd and i finally got to patch them. Still need to update a bunch of ports and my home router. Thats very taxed with disk io from my backup right now.

I installed redhat this week for my OS class. I have to write some linux kernel modules, etc. Its a bitch. I still need to build a custom kernel this weekend with no modules.

Caryn's watching tv. Still haven't taken the cable box back yet from midnights hairball accident with it. :(

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10:30 PM - DOS game emulation

I bought a copy of Tie fighter collectors edition for DOS on ebay recently. (1.50 us) I got it running in xp except for sound using a vdmsound beta. Its a sweet app and lets you slow down games etc. I think i can get sound working if i screw with it more. For that game you must run in 320 x 240 mode.. 640 x 480 fucks up. Mouse control works and i haven't tried a joystick yet. Thats one of my favorite games of all time. I have the mac version but it doesn't work in OSX and under classic the usb to adb joystick emulation is too fast. (well it was with the previous joystick i had) Caryn and I were toying with formatting her iBook G3 with classic so we can run some old software for macs. I think thats a great idea. I might get around to it someday.

Anyway, vdmsound in combiniation with dosbox will allow you to run almost any dos game under windows xp. Too bad i gave them to my cousin mostly.

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