Sun, 27 Jul 2008

8:24 AM - Experimental features

I'm working on a hit counter for blog pages.  Each page would be considered unique, although I've considered adding a page for blog owners to see "total" hits to their blog as well as popular pages.

I'm thinking about making this an optional feature that is turned off by default.  Counting the hits requires two sql queries which is not efficient.  In the classic ASP era, I used to store counters in memory and just dump them when the webapp was shutting down.  I'm a bit fuzzy on persistence in memory with servlets.  

It's important to realize this is a hit counter and not an impression counter.  I don't store cookies to track hits and make no attempt to identify the user's already been there.  I might add logic to avoid counting multiple times for users logged in though.  

I also took the time to rewrite part of the ping code for various blog tracking/searching services.  I'm testing a forth service out and I'm using common code for google and weblogs.  (public entries only)   

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tags: counter rest ping