Sat, 23 Jun 2012

1:24 PM - JustJournal is partially back up

Last week, we did a major upgrade on the database server.  A bug introduced in the latest MySQL release has broken a database component we used throughout the site.  This was Sun's old CachedRowSet.  

As a result, any SQL query using named parameters (something AS somethingelse) is broken. Some queries I can remove the offending as statement on, but others this is not possible due to ambiguity. I've decided to take this opportunity to migrate some of the site to an ORM called Apache Cayenne.  I've used it with several other projects and it's quite good.  This also has a side effect of avoiding the problem with MySQL.  

Normally I would have migrated back to the previous version, but it was a little complicated this time.  I appologize for the down time and will continue to fix things on the site as I get a chance. Remember, I have a day job. 

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