Sat, 13 Mar 2010

2:30 PM - Just Journal 2.0

I finally started on version 2.0 of this website.  The new version is going to be a partial rewrite.  It will still be open source and in Java though. I'm working on it via a private git repository right now.  Until I get the structure just right, it's easier than CVS.  

I have several goals in mind:

1. Pictures will be stored on the file system, allowing them to be larger and post processed if needed. 

2. Video storage (although don't expect youtube quality because i just don't know how to do that)

3. Exports.. i've promised this for years, but I want to allow exporting via XML in addition to the RTF and PDF formats now. This also allows users to backup their own blogs.

4. Portability.  Just Journal effectively runs on Tomcat right now with a very specific configuration. I want to get it it usable on other domains, platforms, and maybe even databases.  I like MySQL, but it's future is uncertain with the Oracle acquisition.  

5. Ajax.  I may not go crazy with this, but I've had to learn a lot of AJAX with Dojo for work in the last year and I might as well experiment with it here. 

6. Improved mobile accessibility.

tags: just future java software journal blog