Sun, 1 Nov 2009

12:00 AM - Initial thoughts on Wolfenstein game

I played Wolfenstein for the first time tonight.  As a fan of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein 3D, I figured this would be a great game.  The play control is significantly differently from RTCW.  It doesn't feel "id" style.  I was aware of the differences before purchasing.  The game is still enjoyable even though it's not another RTCW.  

So far I've only played single player.  The in game movies and graphics are amazing.  It seems to be taking advantage of my crossfirex configuration and multicore CPU.  It detected my system as "high" performance.  I'm quite happy with the speed and graphics.  The 5.1 surround has a few quirks.  If you're facing directly at someone, the audio is very quiet.  If you get at an angle, you can hear them well through one ear (aka one speaker).  

I was quite concerned about game performance due to the terrible quakewars gameplay on my system.  This game runs much better than quakewars or ET on this system.  

I did experience a video driver crash when exiting, but the display driver recovered ok.  This maybe fixed in a newer catalyst driver. 

It's not crisp like RTCW or Half-life; everything is "blurry" or antialiased to the extreme.  

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