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Sun, 19 Nov 2006

11:39 PM - My day.. 007, etc

First, I'd like to say I'm shocked how fast the Wii is selling.  I knew it was a nice looking system, but the volume is amazing.  Sony fanboys must be wondering what the hype is about and if they did get a PS3, they sure can't afford a Wii too.   It better be a miracle system for them.  Interestingly the PS2 is selling for $130 dollars!

That article is rather good and talks about the Wii sales.

Next, I'd like to talk about Casino Royale.  Overall it was an OK movie.  It wasn't the best Bond film, but certainly midrange.  I would have given it a great review had it not been for the last twenty minutes of the film.  I'm not fond of the ending.  I'll refrain from ruining it for anyone else, but it was disappointing.  In terms of the actor playing Bond, I think he did a good job with the role.  He was mostly believable although I understand some of the criticism about his appearance.  I'd rather he kept his clothes on during the entire film.  The torture scene was a bit disgusting.  I had also hoped for more scenes with him playing cards, in a casino, etc.  The theme wasn't enough and with only one scene showcasing his card playing ability it was hard to get a feel for Bond's ability to win especially as an "early" double o.  (in contrast to the book as seen on wikipedia) 

Funny I should make fun of  the PS3 and discuss a sony pictures film in the same entry.  

Caryn was not fond of many elements of the film either.  After that we took a drive and came home.  She played WoW.  I didn't do much aside from complete an email assignment for technical writing.  All immediate homework should be done.