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Fri, 10 Nov 2006

12:00 AM - Xdrive, a free backup service

AOL is offering a free backup service called xdrive.  It only requires an AIM screen name and you instantly have 5GB of space for backups.  Its accessible from browsers using java in firefox, safari or IE. 

The service also has a windows component that lets you treat it like a virtual drive just as you can with Apple's .Mac service. 


5:20 PM - (no subject)

Actor and Oscar winner Jack Palance has died at his home in Montecito, California, a family spokesman says, the Associated Press reports.


5:25 PM - LOL

Caryn published a link to the daily wtf yesterday.  Here is my favorite comment:

Code is breaking in bad an unpredictable ways. I do code review of threaded codebase:


me: what are all these sleep()'s for?

him: oh, i use them to reduce the chance of locking problems

me: do you use locks?

him: they are too difficult to use properly, so I use sleep()