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Mon, 9 Oct 2006

2:15 AM - (no subject)

Its early damn it.  Ok.  I've got my new PC sort of up and my old PC as the server on the IDE drive from the old system.  mysql wouldn't start from athlon optimization but i was able to recompile it.  I have not tried mbsd on my new pc.  Lets hope its all good! 

I'm writing this from Windows Vista right now.  My PC is an Intel Pentium D 805 (dual core) 2.66Ghz with 512mb ram (need to buy more) DDR2 5300.  I've got a PCIe Nvidia Geforce 7300 and i threw in my old audigy gamer.  Its an intel 965LT motherboard.   I used the two sata drives from the old server that the raid array was on.  This should be interesting.  This system is about as fast as my old one in Windows XP.  (slightly slower)  I think most of the problem is ram though.