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Thu, 3 Aug 2006

1:10 PM - Today so far

Aside from usual duties like 4+ loads of laundy, I've been playing with the network configuration.  The electrical outlet is very picky near caryn's computer.  :( 

Anyway, I've managed to move our gigabit switch to caryn's desk.  Her mac, my desktop and our two "servers" are now plugged into that.  The airport express is directly plugged into the main router with no nat enabled.  The phone one was not touched.  The power dropped on all the networking equipment a few times so its been "rebooted". 

My pc seems a little faster and i now have gigabit to caryn's mac.  Wireless to wired links will be a little slower between the systems but aside from that it should prove interesting.  I've also got gigabit to the unix box from my dell now.  That will help.  If i can get a gigabit card for the old server, both will be up.  I figure a 150 dollar investment in a few months should allow us to do a major overhaul.  Dell has a sweet switch for 89 dollars and for 115 we can get 8 belkin cat5es with it.  Then i can find intel or 3com server nics on ebay for under 40 dollars. 

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