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Wed, 2 Aug 2006

10:18 AM - Just Journal bug?

I've been trying to figure out why dates are off by one month in the RSS feed.  I've seen it occasionally on other parts of jj as well.  I noticed i'm incrementing the month by one since its zero based.  Odd enough journal entries use some of this code too.. so it should be universal.  I'm adding some debug logging to jj to detect this.  It may help. 


12:04 AM - SQL is a pain in the ass

I'm trying to get this sql query to work where each rss post is unique by user id.  Another words if i post 10 entries i don't want them to be my rss feed of "new" entries.. only my latest and everyone else's.

Here's the problem.. the query i'm working on so far is 17 seconds to run! 

SELECT * from entry WHERE id IN (SELECT MAX(id) as id FROM entry WHERE security=2 GROUP BY uid) ORDER BY date DESC;

This doesn't do much even.  I still have to join this on several other rows etc.  I could start generating the document statically if needed, but still way too slow. 

Anyone got ideas?


2:53 PM - Coding all day

I've spent the day coding so far.  Its been fun I guess.  I haven't done it in quite some time.

I'm eating lunch right now.  Salad... woo hoo.  Its not so bad.. cool at least.  My mother keeps forwarding stuff that my dad already cc'd me on!

Nothing on the NeXT system. 

I've got a SF paid account now.  Its got a few nice features. 


3:34 PM - JJ Bug

I'm trying to squash a JJ bug with the spell check engine.  I only seemed to make it worse.  Location and Mood now set to the first entry in the list.  I don't know what the deal is.  I'll look at it some other time.

On the up side, I closed a bug and probably fixed another today. 

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